I created my logo, branding, website, e-commerce store & video content myself. Naturally, i'm also passionate about helping people, brands and businesses to get their work online and accessible. So, i'm now offering website-creation packages for you. 

My services with these packages will include:

  • An initial Skype Session (or a meeting in person) to discuss your business or project. We will brainstorm ideas together, to get clear on the style, imagery and intention you envision for your website.
  • I will then begin the website creation, and purchase the domain name + customised email address you desire.
  • Writing: If you know exactly what you'd like to write on the website, then that's perfect. If not, we can discuss what you'd like to express, and I will write blurbs about you or your brand. 
  • Photos: My parter Arterium and I do photography sessions, and we can schedule a time to take professional photos of you or your products. To see Arterium's beautiful work, click here:
  • Videos: Arterium and I also create professional promotional videos and have done many for our own brand/products and to present other people too. If you require a video to explain more about your business or to showcase your products, we can create this too.
  • E-commerce: If you require an online store to sell your products or services, I can set it up completely for you.
  • Logo / Branding: I can also create logos with Photoshop, and can assist you in branding your product (or yourself) in the most authentic way.

Throughout the process, we will be in communication to ensure I am executing the exact vision you see for your website. 

Of course, you may not require all of these services. Perhaps you just need help in one area. I offer each of these services separately too. 

So if would like to know more about the rates of these services and you're interested in scheduling a Skype conversation, please email me at:

Muchas gracias, Chloe.