I am Chloe.

I've lived twenty three years in this body, though honestly never feel my age.
I love being in water. I thrive where there is an abundance of fresh produce and a strong spirit of community. I am passionate about sharing truth, celebrating people's passions and living in balance with nature. 

My intention for The Mojo Mecca is for it to be an informative, easily-read hub of all things good.

We all deserve to thrive. We all deserve to live well. I know we can always return to feeling nurtured, clear and strong when we connect back to the beauty of the natural environment. Healing naturally takes place when we interact with the Earth. When we get caught too strongly in the mind and bottle things up, we block transformation from happening in us.  

The Mojo Mecca is to be a hub full of practical tools and insights for you to carry back into your own 'Mojo Medicine bag' so you can continue to feel connected and ignited in your life. Enjoy and receive.