Alien. Model. Clairvoyant. Mystic. Designer. Alchemist. This woman lives as a work of art. Her presence encourages us to step beyond the confines of modern-day mediocrity and express ourselves wildly, passionately and experimentally. 

Audrey's current style appears as a fusion of Victorian-era, punk, renaissance, circus magician and modern day witch. A combination she articulates divinely. 

After being in the media limelight since 14, Audrey now fuses her deeper connection to the healing arts with her connection to the fashion world in a way that encourages her community of loyal admirers to live a life more rich in daily holistic rituals and in greater alignment with nature. 

She has founded a gorgeous company called Crystal Cactus which creates handmade medicinal offerings such as full-moon bath salts, aura-cleansing sprays, herbal face masks, soaps, crystal jewellery and a whole lot more. She even offers these gorgeous abalone shell pocket knives for all us babes who want to keep protected. Or just cut our fruit with something beautiful.

Each little product was created with the intention to bring it's receiver back into a state of balance and ritual. See more of Crystal Cactus' offerings here.

In the Crystal Cactus team's words: "In this studio, you can always find us drying variations of flowers and herbs, mixing up intoxicating bath soaks by hand, and letting our imaginations run wild in order to dream up mystical and beautiful new products just for you. We are so pleased to share our magic studio space with you, as we think it's truly a crystal clear reflection of who we are and what we stand for."

In Audrey's words: "I think it’s important for spirituality and consciousness to be prominent in all types of living. If I’m able to weave it into the fashion world through my love for creativity and style, then it only seems fit.”

I totally agree. It's so important for us mystics to exist in both worlds and show the mainstream media a way to live in the modern world while still feeling balanced and connected to the Earth's medicines, to their healing potential and to higher states of awareness. It's all possible. And it's all beautiful. 

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Audrey predominantly will be the creative director, stylist and make-up artist for her photo shoots. Her eye for beauty and dedication to the creation of art is so strong and inspiring.