Handmade Tonic Mugs

Handmade Tonic Mugs


So, you've got the 'Tonic Revolution' Recipe eBook,

(if you don't, it's right here.)

...but now you need a special little vessel to carry all of that high-vibe deliciousness in, right? Well these are the mugs for you!

They're handmade, one of a kind clay mugs crafted by a beautiful, kind-hearted woman Kerry Wolf in the Byron Region of Australia. 

Each has it's own natural pattern, wave, shape and magic about it.

There's two different tones - Sand & Soil. The soil being the darker-toned mug. In the checkout you'll have the option to select which colour you'd like. 

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The approximate dimensions of these Tonic Mugs are:
6cm (width of bottom) X 11cm (width at top) X 12cm (height)
Please note that each is unique and has slight variations to this sizing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 7.50.21 pm.png

The Sand (Honey Glaze)


The gorgeous Ceramic Creatress Kerry of HartFire Designs!


The Soil (Teak Glaze)