A clear space is a clear mind. 
For real though.

When our belongings are scattered and not being cared for, it can represent a scattered headspace and an unwillingness to be present with all aspects of our life. Of course this is just my own perception. When my space is messy, it usually means I'm in a disorganised, lazy or low vibe.
And it affects all areas of my life.

I think it's important for us to especially take care of the space we sleep in. Sleep is crucial to health, and we're also the most sensitive in these hours. So a clean, intentional, sacred space will allow us to drop into some deep dream realms with ease.

Here are some space clearing tips I've picked up along the way:

- Do your best to go through everything (yes everything) that you own, and discard or donate anything that you don't need any more. Old boxes, receipts, clothes, and whatever other random items have accumulated. You want to feel good about everything you own, and feel like it benefits your life in some way. If it doesn't, Let. It. Go!

IMG_2085 copy.jpg

- Hang as many clothes up as possible. Even pants. For me it feels good to be able to see all my clothes lined up, so I know all my options, instead of random threads hiding at the back of drawers. I love colour co-ordinating my wardrobe too, so I can feel into what colour I'm vibing with each day.

IMG_2088 copy.jpg

- Some extra tips: 
Have a Crystal Salt Lamp in your room. This helps to constantly clear the energy of the space and is a beautiful, warm night light.
As pictured, you can keep the energy of your laptop clear by getting a piece of Orgonite, which helps to offset the EMF's from WIFI & technological devices. On this note, also definitely put your mobile phone on flight mode (or off) while you sleep.
For extra space-clearing powers, collect some Palo Santo, Sage or another of your favourite dried herb (lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus), burn it on a small tray, and walk around your room with the intention to cleanse your room of all negative energy and purify it. Set an intention that being in this room will bring you restful, regenerative, healing energy.

IMG_2083 copy.jpg

- Create an alter. An alter is basically a space where you set up all of your special items. It's nice to do this beside your bed, so they can be close to you as you sleep. In my alter I usually have some crystals, stones, essential oils, feathers and other natural findings that have a special, powerful meaning to me. 
Now when you're setting up your alter, ensure you're in a calm, relaxed, present state. Really feel where each item needs to be placed. Think about what each item signifies for you, and create a set-up that represents some qualities you'd like to embody, or some new goals you have for your life.

And keep checking up with your alter space to see if you may need to move some things around, or remove some items if they're no longer feeling powerful for you. Do this as often as you feel to!

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- An extra extra tip: 
Vacuum/mop your room regularly too! Also holding the intention to clear out any stagnant energy that may be kept in the floors. (and also get the dirty, dusty stuff outta there!