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The Mojo Mecca Tv!

I'm Chloe, a 23 year old woman with a passion to create beautiful, inspiring, holistic media. I've been uploading interviews and lifestyle content to The Mojo Mecca YouTube Channel, but it's now time for this project to be taken to the next level; an online TV series.

My intention with this show is to create an amazing fortnightly episode that helps people return to natural living, ignite their passion to live more authentically, and allow them to connect with a global network of like-minded people.

Each fortnightly episode will be focused on exploring a different issue or topic. Examples of these topics would include environmental conservation projects, wellbeing tips and practices, specific solutions to issues young people are facing, advice on creating income from your passions, holistic world travel tips, DIY sustainable products and more.

I will connect with influential professionals of all ages who specialise in these topic areas, interview them, and ask them to share specific ‘take-home’ practices that the audience can implement daily. Of course, the show will also be infused with gorgeous footage of the natural environment!

My goal with this show is to deliver relevant holistic (what some might deem ‘esoteric’ or ‘alternative’) information in a way that is grounded, practical and palatable to all people. 

Hear my vision & intention here:


The funding received from this campaign will be used for:

- New, professional cameras, tripods & audio equipment to create more professional video content. 

- An updated, faster speed computer & new editing software.

- Domain & website hosting for the series. 

- Travel & production expenses. 

- A marketing budget to ensure this series gets spread far and wide on all social media platforms!


Thank you for helping me to bring this big vision into reality. 

I am so grateful for any support you feel to give.

Love always, Chloe.