There are more and more brands emerging who are creating innovative, trendy products that are made with deeper consideration of our environment.

The more of these we know about the better. Knowledge allows us to make more conscious shopping choices.


CLOTHING: - Looking for natural, eco-friendly basics? Vege Threads is your source. They use organic, vegetable-dyed fabrics. Good for all those intimate areas. - Beautiful traditionally-weaved garments made by women in Latin America. They are committed to supporting and preserving the artistry of local people. - So in love with this label. Super elegant & full of grace. Made from organic, ethically-sourced, plant-dyed silk, bamboo, hemp & cotton. Jaclyn is a genius. - Funky yoga leggings and activewear made from recycled plastic! They're really comfortable to wear. - Gorgeous crochet & lace pieces that are light and natural. Made uniquely and hand-crafted (non-mass-produced). They create day-wear, swim and intimates. - Organic Yogawear + daily clothing made in Bali. - Organic cotton basic tees, shorts & pants for everyday wear. Made in Byron Bay. - Beautiful clothing and other goods made in harmony with our Earth. - Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton clothing. - Eco-friendly yoga / activewear.


SWIMWEAR: - Fish-scaled, mermaid-inspired swimwear that is made from 100% recycled materials found in the ocean and in landfills. They are committed to producing sustainable swimwear and preserving the purity of the ocean. - A eco-friendly Barcelona-based label using recycled textiles from European factories to create sexy and comfortable swimwear. - They make cool wetsuit-style swimwear for surfing created with recycled material. 


THE 'ALL-ROUNDERS': - The adventure label. Patagonia do all things from hiking gear, to wetsuits, to underwear. They really encourage people to travel and get out in nature. They are committed to environmental sustainability, ethical production facilities, and creating a more conscious world. - Lunar Luxe chooses brands that are vegan and ethically-made for their online store. They stock everything from clothing, swimwear, accessories, home wears, make-up & beauty products. 


BEAUTY: - Amazing all-natural skin care (moisturisers, exfoliators, face masks), shampoo/conditioner & candles. -  Great selection of certified organic beauty products dedicated to non-toxic ingredients. They are very transparent with exactly what's inside their products. Natural oil-based perfumes. - Organic, Australian-made, hemp-based skin oils and lip butters. They also have beard oil for men! - Beautiful sister of mine Madison makes these all-natural plant concoctions to treat your face/body/hair with. - Certified organic, non-toxic, cruelty-free make-up & beauty products.

To find more make-up & beauty brands, click HERE. 


TEXTILES: - They also sell beautiful clothes, but have hand-woven, ethically-produced textiles/fabrics too.


HOME + ACCESSORIES: - Natural bed-linen. Their bamboo series is gorgeous. A far healthier alternative to sleep on.  -  Vintage and handmade home wares. - One-of-a-kind handmade dream catchers. - Vibrant, jewelled yoga bags made from recycled indian garments and textiles! Nagnata is also expanding into creating naturally-dyed clothing. - Biodegradable yoga mats made from tree rubber. - Shoes made from recycled old tyres. From firsthand experience they're really long-lasting shoes. - Beautiful wallets/bags/laptop cases made sustainably with cork, bamboo, recycled wood & organic cotton. A small passionate new business with durable products.

JEWELLERY: - Handmade delicate jewellery created on a small-scale in their own little studio in Bali. - An Australian-based brand that combines crystal with recycled old rainforest wood into jewellery. They also sell native 'smudge sticks' with sage, eucalyptus & lavender. - Sally makes the super cool pieces from Nomadic Store in her misty Blue Mountain home in Australia. They're all handmade and she ensures every step (including her labels/packaging) is recyclable.