Sunset. I’m in Service.

I know in each moment I am free to decide, and my past is nothing more than the trail I have left behind.

I realise what has gone and be thankful for what remains, for what determines my life is the energy I produce today.

The sun slips behind the trees, the colours appear to reflect on the seas.

The sky, like a canvas, soaked with paint from her pallet. Pink, orange, blue and purple and other colours yet to be named.

Voices in the sky, travelling with the wind, the ancestors remain.

Gratitude drenches me, as though I had been thrown into the waters I am grateful for this day, for the way in which she creates a new Sunset, she plays with her own paint in the sky.


The sea, a mirror to her beauty, as the colours shimmer softly on her watery face. Twilight shades, deep mystery and a beauty that escapes my words.

Hello, I am here, she sings, dusk speaks softly with her sweet spell. The waves unrest, crashing hard as the tide begins to rise. The motion of the ocean is shaken by the moon above. Crashing, kissing, slapping. The shore, the ocean mother has a seductive allure.

The water life, surfaces from the cold, dark deep, The dolphins dance and whales sing, the best orchestra around, Accompanied by the still remaining songs that birds do sing.

Soft and sweet and these sounds prepare me for my sleep. Here is where my connective-ness is found. Held in the arms of my mother.

The moon begins to rise, a full beauty. The wolf inside me cries and howls to the extent in which she moves me. 

The choir of the birds begins, they sing and sing and sing and sing. It's time now for the dark to come, this moment is fleeting, a good life lesson of all the feelings.


I rise to stand, barefoot on the sand and raise my head to say, I am thankful for you. Salt breeze, chills my skin as I begin to really see the lessons in the day's end. You are here with me and we will continue to create unity if only I can spend more time.

With my feet in the sea and sand. Silence sparkles on the sea, A break momentarily, as thought the mute button had been pressed.

No sound escapes. The colours are now rich.

A painter's pallet forever changing.


My body, deep in the sand, I understand, this connection to land.

The darkness dances around the deserted beach, as the moon shines the only light, But when she’s full, that's awfully bright. What a delight to lay on the sand.

Forgotten love, is ever present in the lack of humans here to appreciate the beauty of the sky above and she bows to say good night to us, her children, we lock ourselves in our rooms, and do not say Goodnight to our mothers. We turn on the television rather than finding the beauty in the vision that is her.

Quiet fills the space, all except my beating heart.