Emmily Banks

The all-natural make-up artist

Emmily Banks is a professional make-up artist who has completely committed to only using organic, ethically-produced, chemical-free products on her clients.

She is a pioneer in this field; and has invested a lot of time into researching and testing natural products so she could have the most clean yet effective make-up kit. She says:

" Many natural brands don't have the budget to actively promote themselves, and the idea of a Natural Makeup Artist is a relatively new one, meaning there aren't many footsteps to follow in!  Therefore I put in the hard yards to create what I believe is an important path, towards change for people's health and our Earth. "

On her website Depths Of Beauty, Emmily reviews different products with honest opinions of their effectiveness. From brushes to bronzers, blushes and lipsticks. You can check them out HERE.

She did a great review of the best non-toxic mascaras to use.

Our skin is our biggest organ. It absorbs anything you put on it. So it makes sense to be feeding it non-poisonous substances, right? It's often funny how we make the connection to feed ourselves right, but fail to remember that our skin needs the same proper treatment!

Emmily's " ...wish is that people around the world can make educated decisions when choosing what they allow their skin to absorb, and what brands to support. My aim is to guide people in making the switch to the best, most natural and sustainable products out there!

I truly believe in change on a HUGE SCALE!  If we all decided to use only safe, nourishing, eco friendly products with organic ingredients we could encourage mainstream brands to change their formulas to be less harmful and toxic. " 

" Health and beauty go hand-in-hand.. so to me, Beauty isn't a destination, its a lifestyle choice. "

" All of my clients notice a difference including (but not limited to); skin that can breathe, no irritation on the eyes and no breakouts. I have honestly never received negative feedback. None what-so-ever! The only consistent feedback they have is how surprised they are at the quality and effectiveness of the products. They find it hard to believe its all natural (because unfortunately "natural beauty" has previously had a pretty bad wrap!) No longer my friends, no longer. "

It's great to have someone bringing a lot more consciousness and sustainability to the fashion industry, as it can often be about 'surface beauty' and immense consumerism.

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