the little things are the big things 

When stress comes knocking or when that mind-shit gets too rampant, focus on something tiny. 

An ant, the patterns of a leaf, your own veins. Anything that lets you bear witness to the intricacy of life. 

This practice lets us get out of the head and into reality. We can often tend to get stuck in thought realm; thinking, thinking, thinking. Magic happens when we drop out of thought and into simply observing what is around us.

In this state we realise that the way we take care of your body is the way we take care of the Earth. The way we gaze upon the smallest drop of water is the way we look into someone's eyes. The care, wonder and sense of love should be the same. 

The Earth works in profound interconnected ways, beyond what the mind can comprehend. So set an intention to never lose the sense of wonder.

Never dismiss the intricacies of life.

Always view them with a child-like sense of amazement.

It is then that life will respond to you with the same sense of wonder. 

You will attract beautiful people, places and opportunities into your world. 

You will be passionate about life and about creating things to benefit this world. Follow gratitude, it will never lead you astray.