The Gratitude Meal Set

The Gratitude Meal Set

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The Gratitude Bowl + Fork/Spoon set together at a combined price!

These creations are brought to you by the coconut trees of Bali and created with the intention for us all to appreciate how blessed we are with each bite of food we eat.

When we do this, we receive greater health, smoother digestion and deliciously vibrant energy.

This set is ultimate way to enjoy any meal.

Why have one without the other? 

Care tips: Hand-wash in cold water. Do not put through the Dishwasher. Don't put super hot food inside. Keep it cool/luke warm. Coconuts are tough but to keep yours in tact treat it carefully. Eucalyptus + Coconut Oil are good to apply regularly to your bowl too.

Make sure to #thegratitudebowl if you enjoy a delicious meal with these babies!

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