The Gratitude Bowl

The Gratitude Bowl

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Limited Edition bowls hand-crafted from the shells of Balinese coconuts with an intentional prayer engraved, which reads:


The Gratitude Bowl inspires us all to take a few breaths and give thanks for all of the abundance in our lives, before we eat our meal. 

This practice can give us smoother digestion and helps us connect more to all of those medicinal nutrients we're putting into our bodies.  

When we sit in gratitude, we see how many facets of our life are worth acknowledging and celebrating.

Care tips: Hand-wash in cold water. Do not put through the Dishwasher. Don't put super hot food inside. Keep it cool/luke warm. Coconuts are tough but to keep yours in tact treat it carefully. Eucalyptus + Coconut Oil are good to apply regularly to your bowl too.

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The man behind the bowls! Creating them by hand in his home. So grateful for his craft and strength.

A little insight into why I created The Gratitude Bowl and how prayer has helped me rebalance from an eating disorder.

Some stages of Coconut Bowl creation!

It's awesome to support local sustainable craftsmanship and help this family get by. Love them.

If you take a photo with a beautiful meal inside your Gratitude Bowl, you can tag '@The Mojo Mecca' page on Facebook, hashtag #thegratitudebowl or tag @themojomecca on Instagram. 

This helps us to create a community of us eating with gratitude and inspires more people to do the same.