Creating Mandalas

Mandalas are physical offerings to the Earth. They are a demonstration of gratitude for being alive and an acknowledgment of the beauty that surrounds us. They also happen to be super fun to create and are an expression of your own unique artistic flair.

What you can do:

  • Go for a walk in nature. 
  • Begin collecting various elements from the environment (e.g sticks, leaves, flowers, seeds).
  • Start to create your mandala. Some like to begin small, others like to create a big frame and fill it in afterwards.
  • Use your mandala creating as a time to focus. Try not to follow your mind with all its thoughts. Dismiss them for now. Keep bringing yourself back to the practicality of what you're doing.
  • Once you are finished, admire what you've created. Smile and be proud of yourself. Maybe take a photo to remember it. You could start a little photo series of all the mandalas you've created.

The more you create mandalas, the more you will feel connected to the Earth. Life is all about giving and receiving. When you give your mandala to the Earth as an offering, you will certainly receive blessings in return. 

Set yourself a goal to create a mandala every day for a week!