They bring people together.  They connect us with new people. They create community.

Community is such an important part of life. We are social creatures. The majority of us suffer when we isolate ourselves. Connecting with people and expressing ourselves in social situations is what helps us to grow as humans. 

Cultural events keep us sane. They keep us inspired. They take us out of our personal stories or issues and help us to connect with the connected, creative parts of life. They help us to remember that there are awesome people in the world doing awesome things, and that we are these people too.

Markets are a space where local produce, delicious food, handmade goods, clothing and music can be showcased and experienced by the community.

They show you how creative people can be. It's super beautiful to see each store-holder so proud of what they are selling. Oh, and there's always ridiculously cute families and babies to admire at the markets, which is always a bonus.

Festivals are a journey of fun and freedom.

These days, lots of festivals have become an excuse to get really 'messed up' on a cocktail of different substances, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

At their core they are an awesome way to experience musical talent, dance in your fullest expression, dress as outrageously as possible, and connect with new people.

They show us that we can connect to life on a much deeper, more ecstatic level. I love the way festivals grant everyone full freedom of expression and lack of judgement.

A little feature on the beautiful Annalise McLachlan and her eclectic festival threads, to inspire you to express your style with more funk.

Seek out the local markets in your area.

Search what festivals or events are happening around you. Maybe there's some ecstatic dance, art exhibitions or music gigs happening that you would love. If there's not, create an event yourself. 

The more we engage in culture, the richer our lives become.

Be sure to carry all of that connected, inspired energy from the markets or festival back into your everyday life. Those vibes need to be spread far and wide.