An attitude of gratitude is especially important when it comes to nourishing your body. What is on our plate definitely does transform our bodies; either in a healthy or unhealthy way. Food can either heal us or create dis-ease. 

It is important for us to be present when choosing, preparing, blessing and consuming our food.

Choosing: When you are in the garden (or in the supermarket/farmers market) you can be aware of which specific fruits or vegetables call to you most. They will start to look more vibrant. Trust your feeling and the ones you are naturally drawn to. They've got good medicine for you.

Preparing: When preparing your meal, it is fun to sing, hum or speak nice words as you chop and combine the ingredients. Present the meal nicely on the plate too. The energy of the food changes to when prepared in a happy, calm vibration. Others will feel this too when eating a meal you have prepared with love.

Blessing: Our tribal ancestors always ate from the land with deep reverence and respect.  This is an awesome practice that we can do too. by simply pausing for prayer and gratitude before we eat.

Stop for a moment with all those you are gathered with (or solo). Have your meal placed before you. Let every one join in and state what they are grateful for.

Here are a few statements I like to include:

  • Thank you to the soil, sun and rain. Gratitude to all of the hearts and hands that took those plants from the ground to my plate.
  • May the nutrients in this meal be digested and absorbed with ease. Let this meal create healing in my body. 
  • Thank you for this day. Thank you for my health!
  • May those who do not have access to a meal that is this abundant be fed vicariously through this prayer.
  • Thank you to all of the people we walk this life with and learn from.

Consuming: Enjoy the meal with presence and savour each bite. Chew slow. Take your time and appreciate it. Above all, it is just so humbling to acknowledge how much we have to be grateful of in this life; this is why prayer is so important.