The Morning Mojo Tonic.

Why drink tonics? They are a daily ritual for me because they're heart-warming, energising and strengthen our vital organs (Qi energy!). Coming from a past of digestive issues and malabsorption, incorporating Medicinal Mushrooms and tonic herbs each day has rebalanced my whole adrenal system and allowed me to digest food properly again. Crazy, right? They really do work.

I love Cacao, so it's always featured in my tonics too. The combination of tonic herbs, cacao and the fresh root of ginger and turmeric is a combination so deeply nourishing for the body. Try it and you'll feel what i'm saying.

To create yours; First, boil the kettle.

In the blender:
- Coconut Milk (you can use almond, oat, cashew etc...)
- 3 tbsp raw cacao powder
- Cinnamon
- Reishi/Chaga Medicinal Mushrooms. I use Superfeast 
- He Shou Wu (also from Superfeast)
- Big chunk of Turmeric and Ginger
- Fresh soaked + pitted dates or maple syrup to sweeten

Blend, pour into a glass then add the boiled water.

Other additions: Cayenne pepper, spirulina, Superfeast beauty superfood blend, triphala, mint, chai spices.

Here is the Ceremonial Grade Cacao I use in my tonics:

The Superfood Low-down! Why incorporate them into your diet?

Mason is a self-proclaimed 'longevity nerd' and he definitely knows his stuff! He is the owner of SuperFeast, a tonic-herb and superfood brand. In this conversation he explains exactly what medicinal mushrooms are, how they can benefit your life and how to take them most deliciously.

You could also make your tonic cold & add a banana + berries for extra energy.

Enjoy loves.