"We believe a woman’s knowledge and understanding of her menstrual cycle connects her to her source of power and authenticity. We encourage women to reclaim the gifts of bleeding, while releasing the legacy of shame and embarrassment that have been passed down to women for generations. It is our deepest wish that every woman, everywhere, may come to celebrate the beauty of being a woman. Period."

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In this video I chat to a wise sister Lindsey about the true purpose of your moon cycle, the foods which will support your body at this time, the best methods of blood collecting, what movement is best to do in this time and more.


- Root vegetables (potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, ginger, turmeric).

- Fresh, good quality organic fruits + juices (with greens, lemon + ginger). 

- Soup (with root vegetables included) - see my SOUP page for recipes.

- Leafy greens (spinach, kale, parsley) - add them to smoothies + soups + salads for added iron. 

- Black strap molasses (also really high in iron) - take one tablespoon in the morning with citrus to increase absorbability.

- Tamarind is  very beneficial for  regulating your cycle. Add to smoothies + teas.

- Avocado + nuts (brazil + walnuts) + seeds (pumpkin + sesame) - Omega 6! Healthy fats! Great to replenish your body with.


- Dairy products - they are congesting to the body and can increase menstrual cramps.

- Carbonated drinks (sodas, kombucha) - they can make your belly feel even more bloated.

- Meat + Eggs - can possibly create inflammation in the body (our bodies are more sensitive in our moon time than we regularly are) + it is hard to get meat/eggs without added hormones these days (which can confuse/upset our bodies' natural production of them). However, if you feel you need some extra animal protein, ensure it's from a really good source!

- Processed sugar/refined grains (wheat/gluten/white rice etc) - can also create inflammation. Opt for stevia/honey and quinoa/oats/whole grains instead.

What actually happens to the hormones in your body when you menstruate? 

SEE - 



- Take it easy. Allow yourself at least one day of your period to rest. No strenuous exercise or activity. 

- Journal. Reflect on the past month. Write out all you want to achieve in the next month (dreams, visions, projects).

- Use your intuition. It is very strong when you are bleeding. You know instinctively where you need to be, what you need to do, and what company is going to be best for you. Trust yourself. 

- Breathe deep. Especially through the cramping/uncomfortableness. Then make a calming tea. Or put a hot water bottle on your stomach.

- Feel your body. Try not to distract yourself too much.  Yin yoga helps a lot.

- Connect with a sister and speak what you're feeling now or your future manifestations. Someone who gets you. Choose this person wisely. 

- Be in water. Take a long epsom salt bath. Swim in the river. Dive in the ocean. It'll soothe you.




- Chamomile - calming, relaxes the nervous system + decreases cramping. Sip chamomile tea all through your cycle to keep you in a restful state.

- Ginger/turmeric tea - grounding, immune-boosting, soothes the stomach, better digestion, less nausea (best served freshly-ground with lemon + honey).

- Dong Quai - very powerful herb for women who have irregular/absent period, hormone-rebalancer, reduces cramping, increases blood flow. Note: not recommended for women who already bleed quite heavily. Can be taken in capsule or loose-leaf tea form.

- Dandelion + Nettle - both very high in iron to keep you feeling strong as you're losing blood. No more dizziness! 

- Cacao - because it's comforting and delicious.

- More herb information HERE 


- The 'Moon Cup' - The cup fills up and you empty it when needed. Works the same way as a tampon but it's re-usable so it's way better for the environment! They also last years if you keep them clean. Found in health-food supermarkets or online via JUJUGLADRAGSMAHINACUP etc.

- Organic cotton tampons + pads - It is worth the extra investment to have better-quality cotton inside you. The bleached cotton has actually been proven to cause cervical cancer! Scary. Treat your vagina like royalty. It deserves the best. Brands that do this:  ORGANYCTOM ORGANIC, THE PERIOD STOREGLADRAGSLUNAPADS.

- Period Panties - New creations by THINX: a smart brand with sexy looking underwear that acts as a pad for blood collecting. Said to be used in conjunction with a tampon or moon cup, but could be used alone on light days. 


- You might want to download a 'Period Tracker' app on your smart phone. Or just check your cycle online. This lets you see what days you're most fertile, and what's happening in your body. Super handy.