1.  Roll out of bed and make your way out to the light.  

2.  Sit for a while and breathe. Absorb the sunlight right into your pores. Feel the warmth travelling down from your face to your baby toes.  Feel the rain if it is so. 

3.  Begin to speak what you're grateful for. (Ideally aloud)

An example: 

"I live in constant gratitude. For my body and the spirit that guides it. Mother Earth, thank you for all of your food, water and shelter. I am so provided for. May I be receptive, practical and kind today. May I notice all of the beauty that surrounds me. I am so thankful to be alive another day. I cherish this life. Aho!" (Aho is a Native American word meaning yes! or truth!)

Let the gratitude prayer be said without any thought. You will find that once you start this prayer, the right words just come out easily. You will soon recognise how much you really do have to be grateful for in this life.

Chop off your head and let your heart speak!

4.  Stand up and do a big exaggerated shake of your whole body for a minute or two. Shake out all of your body parts. Let them all become like jelly.

This ritual helps you to release anything from yesterday that you may be holding on to, and also gets your body invigorated for the day. You can also make noises while doing this shaking ritual to open up your voice.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.49.18 pm.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 3.48.28 pm.png

These rituals can be done inside too. Set up a space that is quiet and gather a flower, some cleansing smoke or a candle. 
Try them out for a week and see how you feel. I guarantee you will sense a big shift!