dōTERRA Essential Oils - natural solutions

for our radiant health.

dōTERRA; A Latin derivative meaning 'Gift of the Earth.'

The more I experience essential oils, the more hooked I get. As most people who know me understand, I am an unshakable believer in the power of plants for our healing. I know this from direct experience.

Each plant carries it's own unique medicine, just as we do too. Plants can heal us in a subtle yet potent way. The more we learn more about their specific healing properties, the more we can bring back our self-medicating powers and maintain steady, radiant health. 

dōTERRA Essential Oils specifically called me. From the first smell of Peppermint I felt the potency. These babies are pure! When I learnt more about the rigorous quality testing dōTERRA upholds, it was clear that they are dedicated to the highest standard. Nothing is added, nothing is removed. For more testing info, see here.

dõTERRA finds where the highest quality plants are being grown around the world, and they specifically connect with local farmers whose families have been growing and harvesting that plant for generations. They then form co-ops to teaching the farmers improved growing, harvesting and distilling methods. Farmers are paid above fair wages and their lives are significantly elevated. For more info about their sourcing, see this clip.

A good basic overview of Essential Oils and an introduction to their many benefits.

I have created an Instagram account called 'MojŌroma' that is specifically dedicated to Essential Oil wisdom & rituals. It features a new oil each day. Click here to see more.

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. ✦ 3 big Benefits of diving into

the world of dōTERRA essential oils ✦ .


1. Become your own healer. Create oil alchemy every day and instantly rebalance yourself, your loved ones and your household.

Need more morning energy? Lemon, Peppermint & Citrus. Trouble sleeping? Lavender, Sage & Vetiver. Want to smell like the alluring minx you are? Try using Passion or Whisper as a perfume. Create a home-cleaning spray with Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus & Rosemary and ditch those chemical products. Intuitively pick an oil each day and carry it in your pocket to breathe in whenever you drift into unworthy thoughts. 

2. Build a business and create financial abundance. Beyond the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils, dōTERRA also offers the opportunity for us to earn money by sharing them and helping other people heal. Basically we earn commissions and bonuses by encouraging others in our social circles to order their own oils. The more we empower our community to continue sharing, the greater financial abundance is earned for all! 

It's an amazing way to be self-sufficient and earn money through something that you believe in. Something that helps people heal themselves. I'm sure that's more than most people can say from their regular jobs! We totally deserve financial abundance to be able to travel and continue to do the good healing work we are here to do. DōTERRA provides an awesome platform for us to continually earn good money while simultaneously empowering others to step out of their comfort zone, become leaders and help their own community learn about natural healing solutions. It's a win win situation.

Building a business through dōTERRA will test you in the best kind of way. It will constantly encourage you to be more confident and more open to connecting with people. It'll also switch on that organised, business-savvy, entrepreneurial side of the brain that we often shy away from as natural creative-minded people. They are super empowering traits to master!

3. Connect constantly with a family of wellness-inspired people. dōTERRA is all about community, just as I am too. Personally, I thrive when I feel supported and connected to other like-minded people. I think it's important for us to keep inspiring one another to be greater versions of ourselves; so I hold weekly calls for my dõTERRA community to connect, share little health rituals, learn more about the oils/business opportunity, and empower each other to continue helping more people rebalance with essential oils. It's super fun. Community truly does nourish the spirit. 

To learn more about this beautiful business and healing opportunity, contact me at mojoromalove@gmail.com - We can Skype and chat all about it.

 Photos via Elena Brower

Photos via Elena Brower

I speak about my experiences and tips for incorporating dōTERRA essential oils into your world on The Mojo Mecca YouTube channel too. Below are a couple of feature clips.

As mentioned above, you can email mojoromalove@gmail.com to connect with me and learn more about these beautiful oils and the community i'm creating.

If you're inspired to make a one-off order of essential oils, you can do so by clicking 'Shop' through this link.

Thank you! Much love.