Though she steps back in time to channel the 60's with her style, Ondine is definitely a woman far wiser than her years. I have been inspired by this sister for a while now. She shares daily bursts of goodness on her Instagram page and also posts golden content on her blog The Alchemists.

See below for some words of wisdom from the beautiful Ondine.

I was raised on Rumi, having had CD's played to me and then being read his words of pure love, passion and bliss. He weaves magic with his words and they resonate so deeply with me.

"Light the incense!
You have to burn to be fragrant.
To scent the whole house
You have to burn to the ground."


I don't have one style icon. I'm inspired by the creativity of a lot of incredible people, who also channelled their art into their dressing. Thats what I hope for myself.

Some days I want to look like a 60's French Ye-Ye Girl a la Francoise Hardy. Other days I want to dive into the perfect mix of masculine and feminine like Brian Jones or scarfs and textures like Keith Richards. Sometimes its a bit of (Jane) Birkin after dark. Stevie Nicks-esque vibes do too rear their gossamer adorned, crystal wearing head through me.


I don't know when we decided that our fellow women were competition. As a young woman in this world, it baffles me that above all, rivalry is the first point of call. We've all been there, we've all received it and I would say most of us have dished it out on some level. 
Sisterhood and unity is a primordial force. Women have always stuck together, through thick and thin. Our ancestors raised babies as one and nursed children as their own; they birthed together, wept together, earthed together and loved, as one.

How do we return to a state of unity and harmony with our sisters? How do we link arms and become forces to be reckoned with? If we don’t express love, vulnerability and sisterhood, then how can we expect for there to be any change in the way a primarily patriarchal world treats us? How can we expect love when so often, competition and animosity is our first point of call?
As we release our fear, we unconsciously give other women permission to do the same. A domino effect of invincible women. That is a world I want to be a part of. When we rid ourselves of these fears and insecurities, you assist in liberating other women. This is women's liberation!

I try to begin my days in total silence and with a mindfulness practice, in solitude for a brief moment before my family wakes.

This plays out differently with each waking moment though; because sometimes I surrender to my dog barking, the garbage men coming, city traffic, the mailman knocking and all the other unavoidable noise of this world. This small practice centres and brings me in tune with the world I'm a a part of.

I try to consume food that keeps my body in harmony, and that assist in raising my own vibration. I want to live in a united relationship with Pachamama. I have found that incorporating medicinal and tonic herbs, mushrooms, living plant foods and super foods into my daily practice assists with creating peace for my total body/mind/spirit.

Organic Guacamole is the key to many hearts. Here lies the magic of an alchemical renditon of guac. 

I sometimes (as we all do!) need grounding and food is a great tool for me. Dance is as well. I am always dancing which simultaneously grounds me and elevates my joyous, blissful, energy.

“Dance, when you're broken open. 
Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. 
Dance in the middle of the fighting. 
Dance in your blood. 
Dance when you're perfectly free.” 


Ondine also hosts her own series of written interviews with beautiful, inspiring women living passionately as a part of her blog The Alchemists. Definitely check them out for a big dose of entrepreneurial inspo.


See more of Ondine on her Website & Instagram & YouTube.