I love being in water. I thrive where there is an abundance of fresh produce and a strong spirit of community. I am inspired and enthralled with travel, and with exploring old cultures, in their artistry, dress, sense of rituals and rites, and how they connect to the elements of nature.

I am an artist of many different mediums, who is passionate about creating media, celebrating people's passions and living in reverence. 

I create and share on these social media platforms through individual mentoring sessions, video interviews, a podcast, photography, and just general lifestyle ramblings (my personal YouTube channel).

It is my belief and direct experience that the beauty of the natural environment, and the sanctuary that lies within us, can always bring us back to a sense of home, harmony, and clarity too.

My intention for The Mojo Mecca is for it to be an informative, fun, expansive, inspiring artistic media hub. It is an ever-evolving space that is full of practical tools, items and insights for you to carry into your everyday life.

And so, receive and enjoy this space!


In Andean cosmology, they speak about 3 worlds. 

The lower world, which is represented by the Serpent, the middle world, our Earth plane, which is represented by the Puma, and the upper world, where the Condor flies. For me the Earthly plane is representative of all the feline, minxy creatures. 

And as the years go by, and my connection to this project deepens, I understand more and more the meaning of Mojo Minx & this Mecca. It is to create art that inspires people to tap into their beauty, appreciation, gratitude, artistry and sovereignty.

Through their bodies. Through daily ritual. 

Through the journey of self-acceptance. 

And understanding how to walk the Earth in a way that feels respectful.

Not to fight the systems in place here, but to (with a keen eye) work with them in a way that creates new, more balanced out ones. 

And how to have a damn good, hilarious, sensual, loving, adventure-rich time while we’re here.

All of this is Mojo. Life force. Creativity.

And the minx represents and embodies this so stealthily and beautifully.