noun -
1. a medicinal preparation intended to improve and strengthen the functioning of the body or increase the feeling of wellbeing.
2. 'having the property of restoring to health.'


Learn how to create simple, medicinal and delicious tonics to drink on the daily.
Recipes include a healthy 'bulletproof' coffee, a potent cacao tonic, a turmeric latte, a spicy chai blend, and a really medicinal 'fire tonic' to get your immune system pumping. 

The 'Tonic Revolution' Recipe eBook


Superfeast is a collection of the highest quality medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs and supplements. I have been working with them for years and have experienced increased immunity, smoother digestion, more clarity and hormone-balancing! 

My personal favourite blends of theirs are Jing and Masons Mushrooms, but it's worth having a look at their in-depth website to choose which herbs, adaptogens and supplements are right for you at this time.


This amazing Australian brand is all about 'Superior Cell Function' or 'Bio-hacking' as you may have heard of. 

Their Molecular Hydrogen neutralises free radials and protects cells against EMF/radiation damage. Their Liquid Oxygen immediately absorbs into the body and brings so much energy, clarity and quick recovery. In reference to their Complex Minerals "Soil no longer has the abundant vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it once did and therefore we can’t receive the same nutritional value from the plants we eat. As your body can’t produce minerals, it’s important to supplement with bio-available (easily absorbed) plant-derived minerals." 

I'd recommend getting the 'Super Health Pack' - to elevate your energy, stamina, nutrient absorption and overall feeling of health.


These guys are the real deal. 

I connected with them through designing their websiteAnd then of course I got the opportunity to experience their incredible superfood blend, and I was hooked.I haven't had this experience with any other 'greens powders' before. 

They're in such high integrity with every ingredient in the blend and it's health-promoting benefits. The blend features a completely unique combination of over 50 Australian Native and Exotic Super foods. Its nutrient dense, packed with antioxidants, essential vitamin, minerals, omega 3, 6, 9's, fiber, prebiotics and abundant phytonutrients to improve your health and wellbeing. 

In the checkout, let them know that Chloe referred you! Thank you.