The medicinal qualities of plants

I believe that modern societies are constructed in a way that is largely disconnected from the rhythms of nature. I also believe that nature holds the keys to our clarity, health, connection to one another and to the Earth we walk on.

All plants and creatures on Earth have lessons to teach us and healing to give us.  Every tree, flower or piece of fruit can communicate with you to bring you goodness, if you really believe it and are open to receiving it.

An informative audio interview speaking about plants as medicine with Kuauhtli & Tristan Bray:

Beyond every-day plant medicines, there are some plants that can have a much more present, strong effect on us.

I'm not going to go into detail about specific plant medicines and their effects, messages, ceremonies or healing potential. I will leave that to a wise friend Kuauhtli as I feel he speaks clearly and practically about these plants from years of experience. You can hear this in the Soundcloud clip above. This information is very rarely released. 

The video above was created by Arterium in the Andes, Peru. He and all people who have come to 'Temple of the Moon' retreat have experienced deep transformations with the assistance of the Spirit of Huachuma (San Pedro). Watch the video to discover more.