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Episode 4. In this conversation I’m diving into the world of my beautiful sister Sigrid Tasies. 

She is a Self-Empowerment Coach, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and an incredible writer. She’s just actually released a super special collection of her poetry in the form of a book called Intimacy Within, so we chat about that creative process and how it all came together.

Sigrid for me, as I mention through the podcast, is an incredible example of the power of surrender, reverence and unconditional love.

We speak about this and how she practices these powers in her daily life, and what tools she draws on to help her thrive best. 

She truly is a woman in service to the Earth and I love her for this.

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Episode 3. In this episode I'm speaking to the gorgeous Amelia Zadro. She's been travelling the world living and working as a model for many years, so we dive deep into her journey with body image, orthorexia, and the pressure that comes from the modelling industry.

We then explore her deepening journey of embodiment and self-love, particularly through dancing and expressing the 5 main feminine archetypes; The Erotic Mother, The Priestess, The Maiden, The Slut, and The Wild Woman. These are the archetypes which Dancing Eros (a conscious dance course)explores, so we speak about Amelia's experience with that.

She also speaks about the power of accepting, holding and loving ALL aspects of ourselves, not just the loveable ones. And more...

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Episode 2. In this episode, I’m chatting to the gorgeous Meagan Rock, or as you know her online, Meagan Moon. Meagan Moon encompasses a high quality, very intentionally designed jewellery label, where each piece of adornment carries its own symbolism, story and vibration.

Through this entity, Meagan also shares beautiful YouTube videos, that take you on a journey into her inner and outer worlds... through the lush, Hawaiian jungle that she and her husband Evan dwell on, and deep into the inner musings of her consciousness and her intuitive, alchemical ways of seeing life. And she’s a total plant lover too!

In this episode we dive into the power of surrendering our labels, the creation of business and abundance in a way that comes from authenticity, listening and self worth, her Celtic roots, her love-filled poetry, and a whole lot more...

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Episode 1. Diving into a beautiful conversation with Jessika Le Corre for our maiden voyage of this podcast.

She is the founder of an all-natural, organic beauty brand named Feather Eagle Sky, which is full of medicinal concoctions of plants, clays, salts, oils, herbs and spices. Feather, Eagle and Sky are also the names of her 3 gorgeous, wild children.

Jessika is an incredible writer, and is just about to release a book entitled Moonbow, containing her rich, visceral poetic pieces. She lives a life full to the brim with ritual, and in deep communion with the natural environment.

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