a dance of words & visuals 

You are here for a great and mighty purpose.

(a love letter of earth and art and beauty)

Hear more of Nila's beautiful music here: https://nilaraja.bandcamp.com

Our inner work is largely about entering timelessness.
In this space we know that all times & lineages are with us.
Moving & breathing & expressing themselves through us.
They call us to remember them.
And to remember that we are them…

A midnight musing...

As I stomped and bellowed on Deya Dova's ritual floor, I felt the blood drip down my leg.
A heaving nausea emerged.
Undulations of grief surged.
Past pain showed up present to be purged.
We move so much in our time of blood.
We re-alchemize.
We wade through woes to salvations shore…

I made this clip to pull me out of low vibe moods & re-connect me to the majesty of this life & the beauty of the people around me. I hope it creates the same feelings for you. The song is 'Agua de Estrellas'

A passage to reconnect.