Aroma Mojo & Lavender Tealight Gift Bundle

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A specially created gift bundle featuring our Aroma Mojo with 3 hand-crafted Lavender tealight candles - perfect for igniting a sense of self-care, ritual and relaxation. A gorgeous gift idea for this holiday season. Note: This gift bundle includes a botanical gift card with a hand-written message, so be sure to write yours when you see the prompt + text box after you click 'Add to Cart'. 
Item info:

Tealights - re-cycled, unique, homemade plant-based candles. Each will burn for 5-6 hours. The ingredients are lavender oil and soy wax, with each candle also being decorated in amethyst, quartz, labradorite, lavender flowers/leaves and cinnamon powder.

Aroma Mojo - an entirely natural herbal perfume concoction with whole plant-infused oils, crystals, stones, gold leaf and Pushkar rose petals created for lovers of The Mojo Mecca by herbalist Maddie of Malakite Herbal.

This particular combination of natural plants and elements hold the intention of clearing our heart and throat chakras. Hold it with you for whenever you need a natural perfume, roll it on your chest as a reminder to tap into your loving nature, or roll it on your throat to inspire clear communication. 

✼ Rose*
✼ Lemongrass*
✼ Hibiscus*
✼ Lavender*
(infused in Olive Oil*)
✼ Jasmine Absolute*
✼ Pushkar Rose Petals*
✼ Rose Quartz
✼ Rhodonite
✼ Labradorite
✼ Gold Leaf
(Organic Ingredients*)

Production Transparency:
Each blend is mindfully handcrafted in small batches by Maddie of Malakite Herbal in Northern NSW, Australia. Inspired by global travel, she then studied the practice of herbal infusions with guidance from the Ayurvedic tradition and Western herbalism.

In this blend, the dried rose, lemongrass, hibiscus and lavender have been infused for one month cycle and then strained to combine the oil with all remaining ingredients. She combined Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Labradorite for clearing and elevating the heart and throat chakras. The gold leaves floating among these stones are a symbol of purification and also enhance the inherent quality of each ingredient.

Malakite Herbal is committed to low waste practices. All items are packaged within recycled/recyclable materials. Packaging is encouraged to be returned, recycled, reused or re-purposed. All used plant matter during production is composted.