Personalized Guided Meditations

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A completely unique, personalized guided meditation, sent privately to you. This meditation can be tailored for whatever purpose you'd like - examples include; personal healing, relationships, increasing health, work/money, manifestation, spiritual growth/connection, etc. You may like to use it as an opportunity to connect to certain guides/allies/messages, or simply to help you sleep at night. The choice and intention is yours. 

✼ Your guided meditation will be approximately 20 minutes in length.
✼ Upon purchase, you will be sent a small questionnaire via email where you will share your intention for the meditation, with key words/feelings/a vibe you'd like within it. You may also share background music preferences and any other information that is relevant.
✼ Your guided meditation audio file will be sent to you via email approximately a week after purchase. You will also receive a private Soundcloud link to your meditation so you may easily stream it on your phone. You have access to this file forever.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions.
Happy meditating!