Rachel Rose

Rachel is a beautiful woman living in Sedona, Arizona.

While we haven't connected personally yet, we share the same mission of inspiring women to reconnect to the Earth and it's medicines so we can live our lives with passion.

Tips on growing your own food:

- Hold your seeds in your hands and set an intention for them to grow strong and be filled with nutrients.

- Before planting your seeds hold them under your tongue. This will ensure the seed grows with the specific nutrients that your body needs.

- When you are bleeding, you can pour out the blood from your moon cup into the soil where your veggies are growing. Sounds strange, but your menstrual blood is actually very medicinal.

Full moons are the ultimate time to be in the moonlight and recharge. You can also use this time to write down strong intentions and goals for the next month.

Rachel says:
 "I am completely passionate about everything that goes into my temple and only using ingredients that are non-toxic and of the Earth. This homemade deodorant is one of my favorite recipes that I've tried so far."

DIY Natural Deodorant Recipe:
3T Coconut Oil
3T Baking Soda
2T Shea Butter
2T Arrow Root Powder
* 4 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
* 6 Drops Lavender Oil

- Since this deodorant is made with coconut oil, it's melting point is about 80 degrees F. (27 degrees Celsius)
- You can store it in the fridge for a firmer product application.
- Play around with whatever essential oils you love the smell of most. Create your own unique blend!

 Foraging wild sage!

Foraging wild sage!

Rachel encourages us to connect with other women. Reach out when you need some guidance or some sister time.

She suggests:

- Going on a road trip or camping adventure to switch up your routine and get a fresh perspective.

- Having a tea ceremony with a couple of friends where you sit together, light a candle and share openly.

- Take a nice long bath with some calm music, epsom salts, candles, essential oils and a cup of herbal tea. 

- Journal your emotions as you wake up each morning or before bed at night. 


To connect more with Rachel see her INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE