SeeBeNow is an online yoga and lifestyle media platform that connects you to your Mind, Body and Self through beautiful classes and inspiring discussions. 

Instead of leaving your home to do your daily practice, you can simply: 

- open up your computer, phone or tablet

- roll out your yoga mat

- get into your body + clear your mind

It's the ultimate way to start your day. 

They make the practice of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle super easy. 

The classes are all filmed from the island of Bali, which i've been lucky enough to call a second home for the last couple of years. For those who haven't visited yet, SeeBeNow's videos will transport you straight there through their gorgeous videography. And you get to practice with some of the most renowned teachers from across the globe who base themselves in Bali. Amazing, right? 

Above is a beautiful trailer evoking the energy of SeeBeNow's classes.

Their memberships are already ridiculously well-priced for the high quality content you receive ($88.88 for a full year subscription or $8.88 monthly), but I can happily offer you an extra 50% discount with the code MOJO. To activate your account and get practicing go to: + Click '33 Day Free Trial + Yearly' + put in your details + add put MOJO in the 'coupon code' box. Simple as that!