Abide raw, wild eyes.
Walk through life open like no one has ever hurt you.
Never compromise your heart, wild eyes. For is what makes you so special.

Shred away enough layers of identity so that what is left remain can never be taken, for is your most unique form.
Give away enough of you to forever know you are endless.

Believe in safety, beyond pain.
Believe in love beyond safety.
Dance in your purest form, laugh in your highest one.

You were born for joy wild eyes, for change.
And a revolution is created every time you choose to smile.

The world has fears...
Show them how you love, wild eyes.
Create a melody with your heart beat that leads the masses towards freedom.
To the source. To themselves.

You were born daughter of Nature, wild and sheer.
To carry love, breathe love, worship love.
Until it speaks through you. And births through you.
...And heals through you.

Wild, wild eyes.