The 'What's Underneath' Series

by Style Like U

The 'What's underneath' project is an incredible series of candid interviews. Each person sits to openly share their truth, their turmoil, their lessons and their evolution.

The project sets the scene for people to dive deeper into all of their mind patterns, thoughts and vulnerabilities; all while they are removing items of clothing, to ultimately end up in their underwear.

There is great power in speaking about those nasty thoughts and uncomfortable issues instead of keeping them inside. You will see the transformation in each person from the beginning to the end of their interview. 

Featuring the activist-DJ-model Mari Malek. Mari was born in war-torn Sudan and has faced extreme harassment due to the dark colour of her skin. 

Speaking to jewellery designer Reign Apriim speaks about her radical multi-cultured style and how her eyes have got her out of vulnerable situations. 

"I was orphaned at 11, so wild animals became my support network," says Nai Palm, the front woman for the Grammy-nominated Hiatus Kaiyote. Healing can come from the wildest and most unexpected places.

Artist Kembra Pfahler speaks about how drug addiction became a substitute for eating and appreciating food, her menopause experience, and how deprogramming herself from all of the messages society feeds us allowed her to accept herself.

Their mission statement.

Lisl Steiner is an 88-year-old treasure (really, she's 87, but she adds a year because she doesn't want to be younger) with a hilariously poignant outlook on her own experiences and on the bullshit swamping our culture.

Photographer Petra Collins shows generations of women that menstruation isn't the advertised shameful blue dot and that waxing off all of your hair (as if you were a prepubescent girl for life) isn't synonymous with beauty.

Speaking to model and actress Jacky O'Shaughnessy about her blocks, her vulnerabilities with men and the day she decided she was truly going to be comfortable with herself.

Writer and Clothing Coven founder Tallulah Willis believes that style isn't about wanting to be someone else. It is comfort in your skin. It defies all fabricated ideals the mainstream culture celebrates.

Artist Eryn Lefkowitz shares her personal struggles with anorexia and adjusting to the recovery period.

StyleLikeU co-founder Elisa Goodkind shares her lifelong struggle with being misunderstood. Due to her style she's been thought of as a bad mom, stand-offish, and a witch. 

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