Charm Bracelet featuring:

5 Fascinating Australian Boulder Opals

Bronze Sacred Jaguar

& a Bronze Sun God.

The Sun God is the Sky Deity. He represents the Power of the Sun and was worshipped by the Ancient Aztec, Maya, Greek, Roman, Hindu, Persian and Egyptians. He brings sunlight, fertility and prosperity to the people.

Jaguars are sacred to many different cultures around the world. They are worshipped by the Olmec, the Aztec and the Mayan peoples of Central America and by the Inca in the jungles of South America also. They are a Mystical Totem Animal - a symbol of Power, Strength, Beauty and Danger.

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Speaking to renowned jewellery-maker & designer Tabra about why she is passionate about honouring indigenous cultures and their totems through her pieces. Each piece is unique and made with the intention to become your own personal Power Piece.