A little about why the 'Minx' (jungle feline)
is at the forefront of the mojo Mecca.

In Andean cosmology, they speak about 3 worlds.
The lower world,
which is represented by the Serpent,
the middle world, our Earth plane, which is represented by the Puma,
and the upper world, where the Condor flies. 
For me the Earthly plane is representative of all the feline, minxy creatures. And as the years go by, and my connection to this project deepens, I understand more and more the meaning of @mojo_minx & this platform. 
It’s to bring people into beauty,
and connection to the Earth. 
Through their bodies. 
Through daily ritual. 
Through self-acceptance. 
Of understanding how to walk with highest integrity on this Earth plane.
Not to fight the systems in place here, but to (with a keen eye) work with them in a way that creates new, more balanced out ones.
And how to have a damn good, hilarious, sensual, loving, wild time while we’re here! 
All of this is Mojo. 
Life force. 
Your unique bag of Medicine that you alone carry.
Basically put, we’re here to Be Here. 
To love this Earth with our whole self. 
To understand how we can use this life to be her ally.
Through being our own ally first.

The minx represents and embodies this so stealthily and beautifully.
And so that is why she is the ultimate 'spokes-feline' for The Mojo Mecca!

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 1.33.13 pm.png
Art by Cosmic Collage.

Art by Cosmic Collage.