So the process of selecting photos for this feature page was filled with a whole lot of joy and slight overwhelm. So many to choose from! These two definitely know how to take a picture that inspires awe within you.

Tracy is an artist, a stylist, designer and a vintage 'huntress' for her label Prism of Threads. Her husband Stephen is an absolute plant alchemist who creates raw cakes that are an enlightening experience to merely look at, let alone devour!

Though based in LA, these two beloveds have inspired a large community of people around the globe to connect more to the beauty of nature, to ceremony, to their own creative potential and to a more eclectic, authentic style. 

With each custom-made cake that Stephen creates, he is highly aware of the person whom it is for. He will be looking at a photo of them and tuning into their essence, so the finished product is a strong representation of the spirit of it's receiver! Beautiful. 

Each cake is entirely raw and vegan. Stephen works with all-natural plant colours to create the kaleidoscopic patterns featured above. He works with lavender, berries, turmeric, lemon, spirulina, blue green algae extract, cacao and many more potent plants to make the finished product feel like a work of art.

He is so skilled at combining the worlds of culinary creations with art, which definitely encourages more people to cultivate appreciation for the beauty of the plant kingdom and the food on their plate. 

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Tracy lives with a strong sense of ritual. She works with tea as a ceremony, which is an ancient Japanese practice that encourages meditation, attention to detail, and appreciation of the delicate subtleties of plants.

If you'd like more information on how to work with tea as a ceremonial practice, check out the Global Tea Hut.

To find out more about Stephen's custom-made cakes you can email him at: Definitely support these two in their artistry!

Prism of Threads sets up shop at a bunch of different marketplaces around California. Tracy's collection of gorgeous, vibrant garments are created sustainably from vintage textiles, in harmony with her deep love of our planet.

During a Coca leaf reading on recent trip to Peru, it was revealed to Tracy that she was Peruvian in her first of three past lives.

She is deeply connected to and inspired by the South and Central American culture and channels this into the pieces she creates for Prism of Threads.

It's important that we keep the spirit and artistry of these ancient nations alive, and revive them for a modern audience. Tracy does this impeccably!

The little things are the big things. This couple certainly understands the potency of that statement. Their culinary creations inspire us to create food that is a work of art so that we may celebrate and appreciate our meals with all of our senses!

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