'Moments of Mojo' Interviews

Dropping in deep with inspiring people to share their creative drive and passion.
These videos, my personal sharings & many more lifestyle clips are all shared on The Mojo Mecca YouTube channel.

Chatting with the awesome Zsuzsa, a yoga teacher and coach who's come a long way in her journey of inner harmony. She's real, raw and honest about her journey of drug addiction, expressing our emotions, getting off our 'teacher' pedestal and a whole lot more...

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Speaking to the beautiful Giselle at Bali Spirit Festival 2018.

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https://www.instagram.com/giselle_flutetrance/ https://giselleworld.bandcamp.com/releases

Having a good fireside yarn with brother Xavier Rudd! Speaking about connecting to the land and the spirit of Australia.

Filmed & Edited beautifully by Arterium. http://www.arterium.net/

Speaking with the beautiful Kate Nelson, an environmental conservationist, ocean lover, activist and advocate for a plastic-free lifestyle. Are you inspired to be more conscious of your plastic consumption? Connect with her here: http://www.instagram.com/plasticfreemermaid/

Speaking with sister Ella in the Global Village of Splendour in the Grass Festival. She's passionate about propagating more native plants, trees and herbs (bush tukka) so we can start to work with the medicines of Australia rather than importing superfoods from all over the world. She's also an amazing artist and a poet.
A series of interviews filmed at Splendour in the Grass Festival in the Global Village. This one features Paul Dumais, an Aero Engineer and Qi Gong Teacher who is passionate about helping people connect to the subtle energies within them, so they can create more youthfulness, health and lightness in their bodies.

Connecting with Niamh Cronin -A successful entrepreneur and business coach who holds events all around the world. Here she speaks on business and how practicing more feminine aspects into your work can create more flow and abundance. Connect with her here: http://www.niamhcronin.com/ https://www.instagram.com/niamhcroninofficial/

Chatting with Erick, a beautiful brother & founder of online yoga platform SeeBeNow in Brooklyn.

To practice online yoga videos filmed in beautiful Bali: SeeBeNow.com + Click '33 Day Free Trial + Yearly' + put in your details + put MOJO in the 'coupon code' box for an extra 50% discount after the trial period. Simple as that! http://www.seebenow.com/

A conversation with gorgeous sister Miranda Chance who holds Rites of Passage events for young women and mothers. Acknowledging and honouring our change of age/bodies is so important and has been practiced for centuries. I feel the lack of Rites of Passage in our modern society is the reason so many of us are so confused through our teens and twenties!

Mason is a self-proclaimed 'longevity nerd' and he definitely knows his stuff! He is the owner of SuperFeast, a tonic-herb and superfood brand. In this conversation he explains exactly what medicinal mushrooms are, how they can benefit your life and how to take them most deliciously.

Speaking to renowned jewellery-maker & designer Tabra about why she is passionate about honouring indigenous cultures and their totems through her pieces. Each piece is unique and made with the intention to become your own personal Power Piece.

Having a conversation with beautiful brother and super-talented musician Elijah Ray about:

- How to stay balanced with a full schedule

- The importance of reciprocity + community

- Gaining confidence through opening up your voice

- How he creates a transformation in all people who experience his music

Elana Meta guides people on a deep dance journey through the elements of Fire, Water, Earth & Air to: 

- let us feel all different energies inside of ourselves

- to understand which parts may be blocked/resisted

 - to have fun exploring the way our bodies look when they explore the flow of water, the groundedness of earth, the power of fire, and the vitality of air.

Here at Wanderlust Festival in Thredbo chatting with Dwayne who founded the super-successful Acai business 'Amazonia'. He shares:

- What he's super inspired by right now

- How he wakes up in a way that makes his whole day super-charged

- The awesomeness of seizing opportunities in the moment and forgetting all the mind fear.

In this video, the beautiful, wise Karina shares her journey with dance; from competition to ceremony and all parts in between.

How to manifest, release emotion and balance your masculine/feminine with Rachel. Rachel is a mama, designer, organic restaurant owner and retreat host.

Chatting to a wise sister Lindsey about practical ways you can navigate your menstruation time best. We discuss the true purpose of your moon cycle, the foods which will support your body at this time, the best methods of blood collecting and what movement is best to do in this time.

Charlie Brophy so beautifully and vulnerably shares her journey into the depths of bulimia, and how she pulled herself up out of that space to develop a deeper connection to her body, to health, to balance and to ritual.

Watch Pt. 2 with Charlie Brophy into her experience with Bulimia and the ways she came out the other side of it stronger, healthier and wiser.

Dustin Thomas & I share our thoughts on the power of gratitude while horse-riding on the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay.

Envisioned and produced by Arterium. 

Speaking with Travers Ross, a next-level professional choreographer & founder of dance company Awe Mill about the power of men coming together to dance and connect. And about the importance of all artists stepping up to share their talents further out into the world. Filmed at Splendour in the Grass 2017 in the Global Village.

A series of interviews filmed at Splendour in the Grass Festival in the Global Village. This one features Jesse Witney, a beautiful, raw, talented singer songwriter.
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A series of interviews filmed at Splendour in the Grass Festival in the Global Village. This one features Uncle Magpie, a local indigenous custodian and song keeper here in the Northern NSW area of Australia. 

Sharing the benefits of daily practice with the beautiful Baelyn. Connect with her on http://www.allmattersofspirit.com & http://www.instagram.com/allmattersofspirit

A little clip from a powerful time at the most easterly point of Australia in Byron where sister Whaia communicated with the Whales in an ancient Maori woman's call called Karanga, which has long been sung to open up sacred communion and ceremonial space.

What is Cacao? Is it chocolate? What are its benefits? How do we take it in ceremony? A few months back I filmed this interview with http://www.SeeBeNow.com with footage from our incredible Cacao Ceremony as part of Bali Spirit Festival.

So honoured to be in the kitchen with Elisha Yarrington, a beautiful raw food chef who carries a wealth of wisdom on all things health-related. We're creating an amazing Raw Pad Thai, made with a whole lot of love.

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Nourishing conversation with beautiful recording artist and kundalini yoga teacher Ajeet Kaur about the importance of connecting with sisters as part of your daily practice.

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iTunes  / Website / Artist Page

Chatting with singer-songwriter Indigo about her journey through with what the Western-world labelled 'depression', how she got out of that box and what she has learnt about herself in the process.

Truth is, we all go through some form of depression. Indigo shares tips to help you understand your emotions/triggers better, and how to rise out of anxiety into clarity and strength.

This interview series with Caitlyn and Briony of 'Cacao Creations' is all about learning how we can work with Cacao in it's most raw form to create healing, clarity and health in our bodies, minds & spirits. Part 1 is a quick little lowdown on how Caitlyn came across Cacao and began working with it.

More? Watch 'Cacao as Medicine' Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Here i'm chatting with successful young Australian photographer Cait Miers, who is super-passionate about showcasing women in their graceful, elegant, playful womanly essences while sliding along waves and enjoying the ocean.

In this video I chat to amazing yoga therapist and women's wellness teacher Tina Nance. She teaches here in Ubud, Bali at The Yoga Barn and is very well respected for her work.

In this interview I chat to the super-sharp, witty, talented musician that is Peter Jack Rainbird about why it can actually be a positive thing to be really obsessed with what you're doing. Be it a project, a creative expression, a job or an organisation.

Ketut Jaya is a local Balinese healer + 'medicine man' who does donation-based massage/energy healing. Here he shares how you can create your own 'holy water' by simply saying a prayer and giving thanks to it. 

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