Wanderlust Thredbo

An epic 4 day journey filled with:

- Unique yoga classes from meditative yin to rock-n-roll acrobatics held by some of the most renowned teachers in the world

- Ecstatic, powerfully-healing dance journeys

- Potent talks from presenters speaking their passion

- Awesome DJ's and music line-ups that kept us grooving all night

- Hiking up the mountain breathing in delicious fresh air

- Hanging and connecting with beautiful like-minded new friends

- Sipping smoothies and dipping in icy rivers

Check out my little highlights clip + reflection on the festival.

At Wanderlust chatting with Dwayne who founded the super-successful Acai business 'Amazonia'. 

These sorts of festivals are really pivotal in creating a new world. They fill our cup with inspiration, joy and a deeper sense of our truth so that we may carry this wherever we are.

Much gratitude to Jonnie and Jacque Halstead for bringing Wanderlust to Australia and New Zealand. For more info on future Wanderlust events see: