Water is medicine

Water is life. It makes up over 60% of our bodies. Our Mother Earth is about 71% water, which is a profoundly similar ratio to our own composition. As within, so without.

How can you start to get more healing from water?

- Be grateful to have access to clean drinking water. You are ridiculously privileged for this small fact. Let that gratitude be at the forefront with each sip you take.  

- Ensure you're getting the highest quality water. These days in the Western world it is actually not ideal to drink tap water, as it is infused with harmful chemicals like Fluoride that can hinder your health.

Purchase big drums/containers of high quality spring or alkaline water. Find out where the nearest natural spring is and fill up straight from the source. You could also invest in installing a water filter at home. The extra time or monetary investment will be well worth it for your greater health.

- Speak a little prayer of gratitude and give thanks to the water before you drink it. You can say:

" Thank you beautiful water for nourishing all of my cells. I am so grateful for your medicine. Let it bring me vitality, health and hydration. "

You can also do this in the shower, in the ocean or the rivers.

Ketut says: " When you bless the water, the water will be more powerful to help you with any problem. "

You can also set a prayer into your water before you go to bed and then when you wake up say 'thank you' and drink. 

If you are coming to Ubud in Bali and would like to have a healing session with Ketut Jaya, contact me at themojomecca@gmail.com. 

Have you heard about the experiment that scientific researcher Masuru Emoto did? He studied how water molecules changed structure depending on what emotions they were exposed to. 

 Before the Buddhist prayer was offered at Fujiwara dam.

Before the Buddhist prayer was offered at Fujiwara dam.

 After the prayer at Fujiwara dam.

After the prayer at Fujiwara dam.

To see more photos of water molecules shifting, check out THIS page.

If emotions have such a huge impact on the way water is shaped (and our body is made of mostly water), think of how much health we can create within our cells by feeding the energies of gratitude, beauty and joy inside us.

Beauty and wellbeing truly run so much deeper than the surface. They come down to the vibration of every one of our cells. Make yours sing with clean blessed water.