I created my logo, branding, website, e-commerce store & video content myself.

Naturally, i'm also passionate about helping people, brands and businesses to get their work online and accessible. 

So, I created a website-creation package for you!

My services include:

An initial Skype Session (or a meeting in person) to discuss your business or project. 

We will brainstorm ideas together, to get clear on the style, imagery and intention you envision for your website.


I will then send you a PDF document of all the information you need to provide for me to begin your website.


I'll show you how to create a Squarespace account & set up your membership, and then I can begin working on your site.


- Writing: If you know exactly what you'd like to write on the website, then that's perfect. If not, we can discuss what you'd like to express, and I will assist you in writing blurbs for your site. 

- Photos: I am close with a beautiful photographer Arterium who is based in the Byron Bay region of Australia.

I highly recommend working with him to get the best quality photos.

To see Arterium's beautiful work, click here:

- Videos: I am savvy with promotional video creating if you'd like that.

It will be an added cost to the regular price of a website (of course).

- E-commerce: If you require an online store to sell your products or services, I can set it up completely for you.

- Branding: I can assist you in branding your product (or yourself) in the most authentic way.

I am able do to simple logos, but this is not my area of expertise.

I will point you in the direction of a designer who can complete something specific for you.

Throughout the process, we will be in communication to ensure I am executing the exact vision you see for your website. 

Of course, you may not require all of these services. Perhaps you just need help in one area. I offer each of these services separately too. 

So if would like to know more about the rates of these services and you're interested in scheduling a Skype conversation, please email me at:

Muchas gracias, Chloe.