Sweet conversation with two REAL chicks about living authentically.

Hanging around inspiring, visionary people is one of the fastest ways to amplify your life. You are who you spend the most time with. 

BE ALL IN. Commit to your passions. No more in-between zone.  

Hilarious video tasting Noni Fruit in various forms. Seriously though, Noni is damn good for you and you should get some of that into you.

BonnyRebecca discussing the dangers of the 'Pill' and how to be more connected to your ovulation cycle for safe sex.

Easy little movements to get your body feeling activated!

Megan and Ali share tips on how to improve thyroid function naturally and how to know if you're having a thyroid issue. 

A fun video on how important it is to get B12 Shots.

Julia Roberts gives Mother Nature a voice. Full power. Watch the films and take action at

Fun info from Cornelia about how to attract more goodness in your life.

How to write the story of your life the way you want to live it. 


Dara's alternative to coffee. Delicious. Love a good tonic.

A classic, hilarious video about how to 'go the distance' with your lover!

Another golden piece of inspiration from Gabby Bernstein. Definitely check her channel HERE. Love her vibe. 

In this interview, Teal Swan explains what souls groups are, and how difficult romantic relationships can align us and lead us to our true soulmate partner. 

Actress Teresa Palmer talks truthfully about the tendencies that our mind has to steer clear from change and discomfort, when actually this is where the transformation actually is. Right in that uncomfortable stuff.

Teal explains that you can only heal emotions that you let yourself feel and express. Emotions are energy, they have to go somewhere and when they are not allowed to release, they rot you from within.

Being alone is a BLESSING. Get clear and strong when you're alone so you can be anywhere in the world and still feel confident/comfortable. 

A CONFIDENT LIFE IS AN AWESOME LIFE. Supreme Banana shares some confidence tips to help you feel strong and sexy!

Abraham Hicks outpouring wisdom about your invincibility!

This talk discusses the often-overlooked ability of the fashion industry to shape and change societal norms, adjust societal perspective on accepted cultural practices and shift attitudes. We can great worldly change through fashion.